Why Register/Protect a Copyright?

Why Register a Copyright

A copyright provides legal protection for the person or people that create works in a variety of different formats including novels, movies, songs and computer software. The protection begins when the work is completed and in its fixed and final form. Copyright is granted automatically when you create your work with limitations. Even though you are not required to register a copyright it is a wise decision to do so for additional rights and protection.

Your copyright also becomes public record after you register it. When you register you’ll also be given a certificate that states you’ve registered the copyright. Another reason to consider registering your copyright is because you cannot start a lawsuit for copyright infringement if you are not registered with the copyright office. If it does become necessary to take a case to court for copyright infringement, you will be able to file a claim for statutory damages such as the fees for an attorney and the court costs along with the compensatory damages that occurred as a result of the infringement.

If you do end up seeking the advice of a copyright lawyer due to someone infringing on your work, you’ll be able to use any works that were created within the past five years as a type of Prima Facie Evidence. Copyright can also be an international issue. By registering with the copyright office, you will be protected by U.S. customs to avoid copyright violation on an international level. The United States has copyright standards with most of the other countries in the world and, as a result, each country obeys the copyrights of citizens. However, this does not apply to every country in the world.

Since it is so easy to register a copyright there is no reason not to protect your works, regardless of type, from infringement by not registering. The process does not cost a lot of money and is relatively quick and simple to complete. The majority of works can be registered right from your home computer on the Internet so you don’t even need to make a special trip out of the house. You will be glad that you took the time and invested a small fee into protecting your works.