When it comes to international business law, experience counts. And with WINTER LLP, you’ll see a world of difference.

Todd Winter has seventeen years of global business experience, both as a business person and attorney.  Since its inception, the WINTER LLP team has built direct experience supporting multi-national organizations—including cross-border acquisitions, international trademarks and patents, international distribution and licensing agreements, and more. Although we’re a small firm, we’re well versed in complex legal matters that span across countries and continents.

Whether you need to contract offshore manufacturing, file or license an international trademark or patent, or expand your business to other nations, we’ve got the experience you can trust.

As a leading device accessory manufacturer with offices around the world, the complexities of international trade are always at the forefront of our business. WINTER LLP has handled a variety of complex customs issues for our company, saving us potentially tens of thousands of dollars on importing tariffs. We consider WINTER LLP a valuable partner and expert in global business matters.

Elizabeth Lyon,
General Counsel of Incipio