“Copyright” is a legal term used to allow a creator the right retain ownership and receive credit for their written work. Copyright law allows a creator to obtain a copyright for their written work and determines if the specific idea may be adapted to other forms. Copyright law also determines who may reap financial benefits from the creation. Initially, copyright was a governmental restriction to control printing while giving authors the advantage to profit from their creations. Now, copyright law protects the creative work for creators.

Copyright Registration
Many individuals choose to obtain copyright protection prior to marketing creations such as: transcripts, computer software, songs or other creative expressions. Copyright lawyers at Winter LLP specialize in copyright protection and are equipped to complete any copyright task. Whether the creation is expressed in visual art, sound recordings, literary work or web design, the copyright lawyers ensure expert registration services for the exclusive copyrights of their clients.

Copyright Advantages
Individuals who are in the field of creative art are required to submit a copyright application in three month intervals to maintain and preserve their rights for any newly created expressions. For instance, if updates are performed on text or graphics within a web-page, attorneys highly advise the submission of a copyright application for derivative work within three months of the update. If copyright applications are not submitted on the newly updated material, individuals may lose their statutory rights to protect that particular portion of their creative material.

Statutory Damage Rights
Intentional copyright infringements of up to $150,000 in addition to attorney fees may be rewarded to those individuals who may have been affected with copyright damages. Legal claims may not be filed prior to the opposing party filing a copyright registration to prove the ownership of the disputed material.

Maintain and Control Creative Expressions
If a certain individual copies and passes off the work of another, it becomes the responsibility of the original creator to show proof that they were the first to create the work. A simple way to protect the rights of original creations, is to properly register the creative ideas with the “Copyright Office of the Library of Congress”. Upon registration, the rights of an original expression becomes automatically protected. Registered rights include: original expressions, expression copies, original work updates, copy distribution rights, public performance rights for dramas, musicals, choreography, movie production and digital sound transmissions. A copyright application must be submitted prior to the sale, lease, or public display of the creation within a three month time frame from the original publication.

Copyright Lawyer Services
Winter LLP copyright lawyers offer the best protection advice for their creative expressionists while reviewing and and obtaining the necessary documents prior to the submission of copyright applications. The experts will also prepare any agreements that an original creator has with others giving permission to market their creations. Copyright lawyers specialize in the drafting of detailed licensed contracts. Copyright laws in the United States protect only within the United States, whereas “international copyright” protects authors worldwide. Copyright attorneys at Winter LLP provide valuable advice to ensure the proper market choice for their clients.